Hello! My name is Sebastian, and I’m trying to start a small business from my woodcarving projects. I’m not very good at the painting/drawing side of art, but woodcarving is something I am really passionate about. I’m a current GCSE student in their final year, and want something to do that is relaxing, and woodcarving seems to be it!

The Dream

Creating a successful business would be an amazing feat, and the experience I would gain, would make me a great person to have on a team. I also really enjoy the feeling of success through hard work, which I feel in woodcarving too!

Behind the Scenes

It takes a surprisingly long time to carve some of these models. A small owl to go onto a pencil takes me 15-20 minutes to finish. However a Guardian model will usually take me around 20 hours to complete. Consequently I cannot produce them very quickly so there will usually be none in stock. Hopefully I can recruit some of my friends to help me so we can speed up production!

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